Material Wellbeing

  • The Wellbeing Ride:

International students among others are usually on a very tight budget, and are always looking for different methods to save money. Brisbane’s public transport is expensive. Only international students studying vocational and higher education courses receive public transport concessions. Despite this, the ones undertaking English courses, which are the majority, are disadvantaged in this respect, having to pay full transport fairs.

Likewise, commuting by motor vehicles including public transport has undeniable environmental and health impacts including the depletion of natural resources such as energy and petroleum; the production of air pollution and carbon dioxide emission; as well as the creation of traffic congestion and deforestation among other negative effects.

As such, the use of bikes offers not just a very affordable solution to international students and others on a limited budget, but also an environmental friendly and health alternative to commute and keep fit while saving money. Thus, bikes have become one of the most popular means of transport used by international students and other locals in Brisbane.

Given all these benefits, especially the economic one, bicycles constitute a fundamental material asset for the wellbeing of international students and other local communities. Nevertheless, due to their limited budget, some cannot always afford to buy a bike, at least while they settle down and find a job to support extra expenses like this.

As a result, ‘The Wellbeing Ride’ is a project aimed at promoting international students’ material, economic and physical wellbeing while helping the environment by lending bikes to students in need.

Thanks to the kind donation of Migrate, we currently have a couple of bicycles to lend. Nonetheless, these are not enough to meet the need. As such, we are currently looking for individuals who would like to donate bikes in good condition in support of our cause.  Please contact us if you have a bicycle to donate.