Our Focus

We focus on the areas of social research and the development of asset-based community initiatives aimed at promoting the wellbeing of targeted vulnerable communities.

To this purpose, we intend to set up a pilot International Students’ Observatory in Brisbane which will:

  • Research the levels of wellbeing and capabilities of international students living in Brisbane
  • Develop asset-based community development projects aimed at tackling deficiencies, related to our target communities’ wellbeing, identified by our observatory and other organizations or individuals

As such, our International Students’ Observatory constitutes our first attempt to identify and respond to possible gaps in the international student community in Brisbane and ultimately to increase their wellbeing.

Through our observatory and community development initiatives, we aim at providing benchmarks for social organizations, international education providers and government agencies looking to develop socially responsible and asset-based community development interventions that promote the wellbeing and integration of international students and local host communities, not just in Brisbane but in Australia and around the world.