Our Initial Targeted Communities

Our organization targets vulnerable communities in Brisbane and Colombia, who require increases in their wellbeing.

In a first phase and at the local level, we intend to address the needs, aspirations and capabilities of vulnerable international students living in Brisbane, as well as those of some local communities.

The international student community in Brisbane is very diverse. It is comprised of a large range of nationalities that entail different cultural backgrounds, characteristics, strengths, assets, aspirations, needs and wellbeing levels.

Given this diversity, working with this community requires individually approaching each of the cultural groups that compose it, to establish differences and similarities between them. This, in turn, will enable the creation of an adequate framework to respond appropriately to their individual needs and aspirations.

In a second phase, we will attempt to work with a vulnerable community in Colombia (yet to be identified).

In both communities, our main objective is to enhance their wellbeing, capabilities and social inclusion with the support of stakeholders.

In Brisbane, we attempt to satisfy those needs and aspirations, with the assistance of Australian international education providers, government agencies and other stakeholders that are willing to give back to vulnerable international students, not only by addressing their needs, but also by empowering them as agents of social change.