Our story so far…

Wellbeing for Communities was founded as the result of the growth of the social responsibility department of Migrate (formerly Australian Engagement - Education Consultants).

‘Migrate’ is an accredited migration and education agency based in Brisbane, Australia. It offers professional migration and international education services to people, particularly from Latin America, who would like to migrate to Australia to study, work and live, either temporarily or permanently. In addition to its high-quality service and excellent reputation, Migrate stands out for being a social responsible agency that really cares for the interests and needs of its clients, assisting them as much as possible with different aspects of their stay in Australia.

Since its very inception, Migrate's vision has been to become an organization based on social responsibility standards that could contribute to the wellbeing of their clients and the wider community.

Through their own experiences and daily interactions, particularly with Latin American students living in Brisbane, Migrate's founders and team have continuously observed that many students face a variety of problems while abroad which ultimately detriment their wellbeing.

As a result, Migrate’s founders established 'Wellbeing for Communities' as a way to give back to students, as well as to other vulnerable communities in Brisbane and Colombia. In this way, Migrate aims to contribute to their wellbeing in a more coordinated and quantifiable way.

Currently, Wellbeing for Communities is also closely related to a proposed doctoral research project that attempts to build a model wherein the government, industry and community constitute an engine of collective impact for the wellbeing of vulnerable international students. This research will be conducted by one of the organization's founders, with the academic support of The University of Queensland.