We have developed a suite of wellbeing projects aimed to address identified wellbeing gaps in our target communities. Some of them include:


Food Waste for Good


Latino American Women Conversation Group


Job Seeking Assistance

International students’ work rights advice


The Wellbeing Ride

Social & Cultural

Latin American Community Orientation Sessions

Latin American Movie Club / Language & Culture Exchange

Volunteering in the Community


Connection with Latin American Churches

Academic & Professional


Professional Internships

Latin Talent Catapult


Through their development, we intend to contribute to the holistic wellbeing of Latin American students in Brisbane by:

  • Assisting vulnerable international students in Brisbane to get an income and financial security through casual and part-time employment to support their living expenses while living away from home.
  • Enhancing their quality of physical health by getting them access to better nutrition and formal exercise as the result of their economic wellbeing.
  • Enabling them to acquire material assets (better accommodation, transport, technology, furniture and entertainment) to do and be what they seek in life.
  • Connecting international students in Brisbane with local communities as well as motivating them to contribute to others' wellbeing by getting them involved in community initiatives and social projects through volunteering.
  • Supporting their professional experiences and entrepreneurial aspirations which in turn will promote their mental health through the generation of positive feelings such as motivation, self-esteem, happiness, satisfaction and optimism about their future.
  • Improving their cultural identity profile by highlighting their talents, capabilities and strengths which form an important source of international human capital.

Our projects contribute to the wellbeing of not just international students but also other migrant and local communities in Brisbane. We also expect to be able to support international community development initiatives in Colombia and around the world in the future as well.

We welcome any new initiatives that could contribute to the wellbeing of international and local communities.